What is SUPing? A short explanation about one of the newest hypes of 2021

Supping, also known as supping or Stand Up Paddling, is a water sport where you propel yourself standing on a SUP board by using a (long) paddle. It is comparable to surfing, but then you stand on a board and you use a paddle to move forward. Because of this, you don’t need wind to move forward.

  • Another advantage of paddling is that you use your core a lot so you can strengthen it. But above all, it is a fun activity for a hot summer day. Would you like to know more about paddling? Read on, because on this page we will tell you all about it.

What is paddling exactly?

Supping comes from the word ‘SUP’, but what does SUP actually mean? SUP is literally the abbreviation for Stand Up Paddling. As you probably already heard, it is a fun water sport that is mainly practiced as a hobby. There are different forms and brands of SUP boards like Aqua Marina, but we will tell you more about that later in the article.

  • To begin with, it is nice to know that it is not very difficult to learn. It is purely a matter of finding the balance and trying to make speed by means of a SUP paddle. You will probably have seen it before: people who are supping at sea, on a river or other water on a kind of surfboard with a paddle in their hand.

Where does supping come from?

Like many other board sports, such as surfing, supping originated on the islands of Hawaii. However, it originated by pure chance while surfing. For example, teachers always stood on a board holding a paddle in their hand to stay near the students.

In this way they could move around quietly, give instructions and keep an overview of the group. Over time, other people began to adopt this form of board sports and it has become a real trend. And because it is fairly easy to learn you see more and more people who start with supping after reading reviews on

What do you need to start with paddling?

When you want to start with paddling you don’t need much. You need a SUP board and a SUP paddle to move on the water. But what is a SUP board? Many people think that surfers stand on a surfboard.